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Solid Wood Custom Made Woodworking Products

Welcome to Ninja Nate’s Custom Woodworking

Ninja Nate Wood Working is built on a passion for creating great custom woodworks. From custom Cocobolo police batons to the creation of custom wood pens and pencils, this passion is evident in every woodworking project from Ninja Nate. This includes a full range of custom wood stands for the Cocobolo batons and other display items, wood shadow boxes, jewelry boxes and more. With every custom woodworking project, whether it be a baton, a pen, or custom furniture, only quality wood is used along with great skill and experience and it's all combined with a passion for wood working.

Our Custom Cocobolo Police Batons

Custom Cocobolo Police Batons are the cornerstone of Ninja Nate Woodworking. In years of research I have yet to come across anything similar in design. Because of the properties of Cocobolo and other hardwoods, it makes both the most beautiful and the most devastating impact weapon available.

Each baton is carefully hand selected and hand turned to exacting standards. I use Department Specifications of 1.25" in diameter and varying lengths of 24" to 29" per your preference. Custom lengths such a riot batons from 36" to 42" can be made to order. I learned to hand tie the parachute cord handles from an old salty "Coasty". This gives my baton the functionality and design that makes it truly one of a kind.

Other Custom Woodworking Items

Please take a moment to see what Ninja Nate Woodworking is about and get acquainted with my Portfolio page where you can see completed projects. In addition to the custom woodworking Cocobolo Police Batons we also offer the following:

Custom Woodworking by Ninja Nate

If you have a need for custom woodworking or want an item similar but not exactly like something you have seen on our site please contact us. We will work with you to ensure your custom woodworking project uses the correct woods and is built to your specifications



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