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Technical Info


Now in my 15th year of business as Creator and Owner of Ninja Nate Woodworking, my has the world changed.  Supplies have become scarcer and take longer to get, prices for goods bought and sold have skyrocketed to unprecedented levels, and I have gotten older and slower since I began this venture!  I have recovered from two full knee replacements and am now ready to continue this journey with all of my loyal customers and extended Law Enforcement family.  As of October 1, 2023, I will be making a few changes in order to continue on the path I started, which is to provide the highest quality product and the best service possible.  I feel that my delivery time over the last couple of years has become too long and would like to shorten that back down to a 30 day order to delivery cycle, barring unforeseen circumstances.  So to accomplish this, from here forward, my website will turn on and be able to accept orders at the first of every month.  It will stay active until I have received the first 10 orders.  I will then shut the site down and a static page explaining why the site is not working will appear until the first of the following month.  This will give me the time to build and ship all of my orders within the same month ordered.  You will then have the opportunity to place your order at the beginning of the following month.  

I look forward to trying this new process out and determining if it works as well as I think it will.  Again, thank you, to all of my customers for your support and patience.  


We ship our products USPS Priority Mail.  Charges cover packaging, shipping and delivery confirmation.  We also offer local hand delivery, depending on your location.  Please inquire prior to making a purchase so we can make special arrangements.

We ship anywhere in the United States.  Alaska and Hawaii require extra shipping charges.

Special arrangements must be made for shipments outside the United States.

As products are custom made per order, please allow for production time.  Normally 4-6 weeks within receipt of your order.  We will notify you of any delays by Email. And as always I will try to get it to you sooner!

Unavoidable delays may include special orders, specific wood types, wood supply, etc.  We will notify you if any of these situations exist.

Most items will be shipped within 1-2 working days from completion of your order.

Delivery using USPS Priority Mail takes between 1-3 days depending on your location.

Tax will be charged on all merchandise shipped in California.

Shipping charges will be calculated at checkout according to package size and weight.


Unfortunately the uncertainty of dwindling resources, rare wood species, prices of materials, shipping costs, "The Global Pandemic", has changed life as we know it.  It has been as frustrating for me as for all of you.  I have virtually run this business unchanged for the last 13 years, but with all of the changes we currently face, I am now forced to make a few of my own in order to continue providing the product that has been such a success.  I am having to increase both my prices, as well as, my delivery time in order to get the quality materials and continue to keep up with the demand.  

I am increasing pricing to reflect my associated costs to produce my products.  You may see, from time to time, sales on some species of wood depending on my costs.  When I can I would like to pass this savings on to you.  In addition, in general, I will be continuing to try to get your baton shipped in a 4-6 week time frame.  The volume has been overwhelming as of the beginning of this year, 2021.  I am still a one man show and want to keep it that way to provide the personalized service and quality you expect.  As always, I have an open door to you to try to accommodate any special requests.


Your baton should require little to no care.  If you want to bring back the luster I recommend using a little Natural Kiwi polish and a soft rag.  You will obviously notice a few scratches, small dings, and soiling of the 550 cord over time, if you use your baton as it is intended. This is normal wear and tear.  Damage due to hitting unintended targets such as tires or trees is not implied or expressed in this warranty.  Intended targets include practice pads.  I will re-wrap your baton if it comes unravelled, within the first year of purchase, due to normal wear and tear.  Very few wood suppliers kiln dry their exotic wood as it has become cost prohibitive.  Therefore, I cannot guarantee moisture content.  Your baton will eventually reach a state of equilibrium with the atmosphere.  If you use care to keep your baton protected from extreme environmental conditions, such as extreme heat, you should not have any problems with cracking or extreme warping. Your baton will appear similar to the pictures on my site but not exact, as this is a natural wood product and varies from piece to piece. That's what makes it unique!  

All products manufactured and sold by Ninja Nate Woodworking carry a 1 year warranty against mechanical or manufacture defect.  If you experience any issues with my products, please contact me to send the item back for inspection or to make other arrangements.  

Thank you for your purchase of Ninja Nate products.

Stay Safe