"A passion for creating great custom WoodWorks"

About Us

This website is dedicated to the combination of my two biggest passions in life…Woodworking and Law Enforcement. I was introduced to the art of woodworking during my early years of grade school woodshop. I have continued to hold that passion close to my heart ever since. And I never thought I would say that I climbed Mt. Everest, but that is what it felt like to find my way to a career in Law Enforcement. 

Through many trials and tribulations I came upon the idea of combining both. For many years I have admired several cultural qualities about the Japanese people. Their absolute devotion to perfection is seen in their woodworking. Can you imagine building entire homes by creating complex joints in wood that withstand the test of time for hundreds of years? No nails, no screws or steel.

 Another area of the Japanese culture that has fascinated me for years has been the Samurai Warrior, their Codes of Conduct, and the Samurai Sword. The combination of woodworking and the sword is what drove me to create my unique baton. In ancient times the Samurai were the protectors of Nobility. The sword was widely identified as a tool of the Samurai Warrior.

In modern times, Law Enforcement has assumed this role. A widely identified tool of Law Enforcement is our baton. “The Sword of the Modern Day Warrior”. Thus, I created a baton that exemplifies the perfection of the Samurai Sword.  It has the beauty of hand-selected hardwoods and a hand-tied handle and grommet that mirror the “Tsuka” and “Tsuba” of a sword.

Another area within my shop where I spend a lot of time, is pen making. This has been a great source of fun and excitement to see the joy others get from receiving such a unique and beautiful gift. Please check out my Store or my Portfolio where you can see the endless variety of pens and some of my other products as well.

Within the rest of my shop you can find me working on unique projects that catch my interest. I specialize in building custom furniture and home accessories to fit the needs and ideas of the client. I accept a limited number of commissions per year so if you have something in mind, give me a call or send me an email.

Thanks for taking the time to find out a little bit more about Ninja Nate Woodworking.

Stay Safe,  Ninja Nate